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    Official Champions league Interviews & Hype Empty Official Champions league Interviews & Hype

    Post by JahJah2010 on Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:48 am

    Today the world changed, a new flower bloomed. then a guy named Dist205 came running over the hill. i had to follow this story because there is somethin unique about dist he has a record of 0-5 in champions league. but in each fight he still puts up a war but never got favored. now as thug jitsu camp in ufa makes a shift in there fighters after losin two of there Legend fighters Rajisboss *Retired & War617 who resigned to another camp. Dist felt surrounded by reality, to the fact that now the camp is on his back. then dist took action and defeated not only a fellow rival of the KO squad but the former champions league champion JahJah2010. he put on a show withstanding huge shots by jahjah and overcame a 29-28 UD for 3 rounds of action to break his defeated streak.

    so had to sit down with Dist205 the long time vet and admin of UFA for a interview on his thoughts..

    Dist you beat a very good opponent in Champions league , your thoughts? He said "i knew it would be tough, but i figured if i can fight my fight, i can win the fight. It was real tough cause i needed a W bad. so yea pressure fight, back against the wall and i won. feels good to be on the winning side" . Is there a fight in ur past career you feel you want redemption on? he said, "the one that comes to my head is my fight with (Edgeleone) clay guida at ufa 6. i made a big mistake and got caught early in a kimura. i was winning the fight and got caught. i learned my lesson and now im ready for redemption!" you are head of Thugjitsu is there any recruitments you been lookin into after losing two of ur best guys? He said "we took a big blow this week in our camp, but i will continue to grow the camp and recruit high lvl mixed martial artists. the motto here doesnt changed. if u dont wanna be here then we dont want u!" Whats your thoughts on our champion souhole is there anybody in the champions league division that can beat him? if so.. who? and Why? he said "souphole is a great champ and well respected. Trying to find holes in his games r slim to nun. But personally i think jjesurun can solve the puzzle and beat soup. Hes one of our best fighters in the camp if not the best, and i really think he has the tools to pull the upset." thanks dist thats the word from a legend of the league.

    join us next time with the champions..

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