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    Dana White Says Meeting with Former Champ Went Badly

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    Dana White Says Meeting with Former Champ Went Badly Empty Dana White Says Meeting with Former Champ Went Badly

    Post by Dist205 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:08 am

    Ever since he showed up cageside at UFC 146, rumors have been swirling of Brock Lesnar’s potential return to action in the UFC.

    The professional wrestler captured the promotion’s heavyweight title during a seven-fight run and retired after losing two straight, the final defeat a brutal TKO delivered by Alistair Overeem. Recurring bouts with diverticulitis made it seem like the best choice, but his presence at the all-heavyweight event got people excited for the 34-year-old’s seemingly impending return.

    Varying reports have come out since indicating that he would or wouldn’t be coming out of retirement, or that the meeting he had following UFC 146 with UFC officials didn’t go well. It turns out that there was credence to the latter, as UFC president Dana White told Ariel Helwani on the UFC on FX 3 post-fight show for Fuel TV last night that things did not go smoothly when he met with Lesnar.

    The meeting we had didn’t go really well. It wasn’t a great meeting. It was probably one of the worst meetings we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar and I honestly have not talked to him since,” said White. “So, I don’t know where we’re at. So, all the stuff you’re seeing on the internet is typical internet bullsh**.

    It was really bad. It was the worst meeting I’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar. It was me and Lorenzo and, in my opinion, it couldn’t have gone worse.”

    After losing to Overeem, Lesnar went back to work for the WWE but cut this latest stint short by suing the organization over breach of contract.

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