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NSAC Denies Alistair Overeem License May Reapply in Dec Log10

    NSAC Denies Alistair Overeem License May Reapply in Dec

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    NSAC Denies Alistair Overeem License May Reapply in Dec Empty NSAC Denies Alistair Overeem License May Reapply in Dec

    Post by Dist205 on Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:38 am

    The Nevada State Athletic Commission voted today to deny Alistair Overeem a license after his failed March 27 drug test. The commission and Overeem’s representation engaged in a back-and-forth exchange of allegation and explanation for the majority of the meeting. Overeem was not given the maximum time until he could seek a license, but the suspension will end just short of a year since his last UFC fight.

    One of the biggest surprises in the hearing came from NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, as he Kizer stated that Overeem actually left the March 27 after finding out about the drug tests. This revelation called into question Overeem’s insistence that he never knowingly took the testosterone. Overeem’s camp denied he left due to the drug test and he insisted that he left because he did not want to be publicly served with papers by his former management team, Golden Glory.

    Overeem stated the test was the result of a shot given by Dr. Hector Molina to assist him in healing an injury before the fight. Dr. Molina testified that he gave Overeem a shot of B-12, texamethazone, keterolec and testosterone but stated, under oath, that he could not remember telling Overeem if there was testosterone in the shot or not. NSAC officials called this into question since Overeem knew he was subject to testing and believed him competent enough to take responsibility for what he took.

    While it appeared that the commission took it easy on Overeem by not suspending him for a full year, Overeem cannot fight anywhere during this time as a condition of not being licensed. The commission also discussed that not being able to fight at UFC 146 was actually a bigger penalty than if he had been caught after the fight since they would be bound by only taking a percentage of his purse, rather than the entire purse.

    Based on Overeem’s last fight at UFC 141, Overeem is losing out on around $1 million dollars when you include his base pay of $385,000, his per-fight signing bonus around $333,000, and his cut of PPV sales.

    Overeem will not be allowed to apply for a license until December 27, just short of a year since UFC 141.

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